Automated Farming Experts

Creating an automated greenhouse or vertical farm system takes an experienced expert who uses the proper equipment and knows how to configure it to achieve optimum automation. High-tech farming equipment and controls aren’t plug-and-play, nor is it for amateurs. Voeks, Inc. helps farmers succeed and be more profitable by using only the most reliable controls and equipment from the world’s top suppliers.




Modern farmers are always looking for ways to increase growing power. With state-of-the-art automation, plants let the system know when they need more water and in turn have stronger and more vibrant roots. With healthier roots comes higher production.

Voeks Inc. uses Priva controls because we can program each control for your particular crop, substrate type, and growing conditions. In addition to Priva controls being accurate, the company stands behind their product making this a sound investment for you. When we optimize your irrigation, the water and nutrients are improved giving you higher yields and lower costs.

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Every farm is different, and at Voeks, Inc. when we design an irrigation system, we select the best controls for that particular farm whether it's vertical greenhouse, container, or something else. That way the installation process is smooth and the results are excellent.

As an authorized dealer of Argus Controls, we know their systems down to specific specifications and capabilities. We can customize controls for unique applications and as well as making sure all equipment coordinates with each other. You can feel confident with this manufacturer because of their excellent reputation, extensive documentation, and top-rated support.