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About the Founder of Voeks, Inc.

Founded in 2007 by Jorma Voeks, a master plumber who is also trained in engineering. Jorma is one of the only contractors in the United States that specializes in the design and construction of specialty horticulture projects. He has built a team of high-tech experts who are as passionate about modern farming as he is. Jorma and his team travel the country designing and building alternative farming systems. 


The Future of Modern and Alternative Farms

Urban farming, vertical farming, and hydroponics are all hot topics. Farmers, venture capitalists, and entrepreneurs are all intensely interested in these new and productive ways to grow crops.

With innovative farming techniques, the future of indoor farming is bright. Instead of greenhouses and open land, farms are now being designed and constructed in commercial warehouses. 

Rather than requiring acres and acres of land, indoor farms "build up."


Voeks, Inc. plans and builds farms five to ten levels up and higher.


Farming is no longer thought of in terms of square footage or acres. Instead, the modern farmer and savvy investor plan by the cubic foot. They know that by utilizing the entire space and building up, overhead goes down and profits increase. 


Alternative Farming Solves Two Big Problems - Water & Land

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For thousands of years, water has been the biggest issue with traditional open-air farming. But, with modern techniques, you can move the farm to the water instead of moving the water to the farm. Plus, the advances in filtration and pathogen suppression have made recycling water economically feasible.

With hydroponics, plants don't grow in traditional soil. Instead, they grow in liquid, sand, or gravel with added nutrients. So, with hydroponics local soil-quality and land isn't a problem anymore.

And now, hydroponic farms are no longer used only in small environments. An increase of technology and advancements have created mega-farms. 


These high-tech farms are scaled to deliver their produce sequentially all-year-round.


Now groceries stores can have fresh vegetables year-round. No matter what the weather conditions are, even if there's a significant drought or winter storm, modern techniques have made growing all-year possible despite outside conditions or lack of land. 

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Farmers can now deliver fresh produce to their local stores in any location including

  • California

  • Texas

  • New Jersey

  • New York

  • Florida

  • Pennsylvania

  • Illinois

  • North Carolina

  • Ohio

  • Canada

  • and beyond.


The Leader in Modern Farming Design

How did Voeks, Inc. become the leader in the design and implementation of this technology?

Well, we were in the right place at the right time. Namely, California. Did you know that the majority of modern farming technology used today in hydroponics was developed in California? That's right. Even though CA is known for its high-tech and Silicon Valley, its primary industry has always been and still is agriculture.

As these new hydroponic technologies were being developed, Voeks, Inc. was the company of choice to implement them. 

Voeks Inc. is the trusted contractor for world-renowned research facilities like:

Some of the world's top commercial farms are our customers. Companies like:

We assisted our clients in developing technology that is now called modern farming and urban farming. Our experience has made us experts in:

  • Hydroponics

  • Aeroponics

  • Vertical Farming

Since many of our clients are large institutions and international corporations, the team at Voeks, Inc. has been exposed to cutting-edge European ideas and technology. 

At the same time, our clients were developing workable solutions for modern farming, Voeks, Inc. created the "behind the curtain" designs and fabrications. We had a tremendous advantage of being trained by these top researchers on what was working and what wasn't. 

Being experienced, intelligent, and in the right place at the right time, Voeks Inc. has had a front-row seat on what would become the best methods once they were economically feasible. 

What Does Design Have to Do with Modern Farming? 

The design incorporates all of the essentials of modern farming and figures out how to implement an entire plan successfully. Whatever it takes for the farmer to be prosperous and consistently produce crops - that's what designs puts together. Design creates a detailed program and design so that the farmer can change and manipulate the growing environment as crops and needs change.

Many people may think that farming and design don't have anything to do with each other. But, they are intertwined. For example, when it comes to water and nutrients, one substance could neutralize another, and you have to understand how to remedy it. And at the same time, you need to make sure the new combination doesn't damage your equipment or destroy your pipes or seals. 

Voeks, Inc. understands engineering and how moving water effects nutrients and what tolerances are possible. In the past, farmers had to use several different experts all with differing opinions on the best methods. Voeks, Inc presents workable high-tech solutions for the modern farmer and removes the problem of having to employ multiple experts. We make the contemporary farmer's job more straightforward and profitable. 

Contact us today to see how the team at Voeks, Inc. can help you succeed. 





Jorma Voeks
President & CEO

John Allender

Brodie Noeske


Associates & Staff

Tarl Kuhn
Process & Controls Foreman 

Nicholas Arambula
Nutrient Systems Foreman

Adam Whitington
HVAC Systems Foreman

Jeremy Hearn
Commerical Plumbing Foreman

Jorma Voeks


Tarl Kuhn

Controls & Sensors

Tristan Weber
CAD Tech


Eddie Berto
Field Technician

Lucas Fletcher
Field Technician

Frank Neil
Field Technician

Manuel Perez
Field Technician

Kayne Schafer
Field Technician

Bryce Hamilton
Field Technician

Tarl Kuhn
Commissioning Tech

Open Positions

Process Engineer


 Responsible for the efficiency improvement of all manufacturing processes - define metrics and monitor processes - identify inefficiencies, create teams to develop improvements, engineer and design and implement solutions.




Process Improvement (60%)

·         Use metrics, lean and other TQM methods to problem solve and identify inefficiencies within the operating processes.

·         Evaluate data collection methodology and score to ensure proper analysis of processes

·         Identify opportunities, create teams involving operators, supervisors, managers and additional functional areas to support process improvements and overall process efficiencies

·         Design engineering solutions that meet all quality, safety, maintenance, financial and operator requirements

·         Plan, manage and execute identified solutions

·         Create Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for process improvements

·         Train affected employees in process modifications

·         Use ongoing metrics and data to validate process improvements are maintained and meeting expectations

Troubleshooting and capital projects (40%)

·         Investigate issues as they arise and implement necessary solutions to maintain operations within defined expectations of quality and safety

·         Participate in capital improvement projects including the creation of timelines, SMART goals and defined outcomes

·         Train and develop SOPs for any improvement projects

·         Work with operations and maintenance to develop capital expense and R&M budgets

Qualifications / Requirements:

Education: Bachelors degree in an engineering field or equivalent experience

Experience / skill: Five plus years in food manufacturing environment with experience in

1.       Mechanical engineering and / or

2.       Process engineering

3.       Project engineering

4.       Knowledge of manufacturing concepts

Proficient in current computer software: Microsoft Office, Excel, MS Project, AutoCAD or equivalent


Communication: strong interpersonal skills; excellent verbal and written communication of complex issues; self-motivated with a persistent nature; able to effectively interface with personnel at all levels of organization, gain consensus, drive behaviors

Team Building: ability to provide concise instructions and follow up with employees at all levels; ability to work with employees, customers and outside vendors

Innovation/creativity: ability to adapt to continuous change; apply creative common sense approach to resolve problems

Organizing and planning: effectively prioritize multiple projects, integrate activities across departments, organized, able to establish and prioritize

Problem solving: ability to explore and resolve problems and conflicts, assist others in addressing issues, troubleshoot, evaluate and openly discuss, maintain professional credibility when standing for a position, utilize engineering principles to analyze and evaluate data.

Engineering Technician; Welder/Pipe Fitter


1. Fabrication activities and shop maintenance. Typical responsibilities: uses drawings, specifications, and oral directions to design, fabricate, modify and repair scientific, laboratory and prototype research equipment such as hydraulic test loops, and mechanical and hydraulic testing and measuring equipment; estimates needs and costs, and procures equipment, supplies and materials for projects; fabricates test specimens in accordance with specifications using a variety of materials; maintains, repairs, and renovates shop machine tools and measuring equipment; implements safe shop procedures; maintains shop inventory; operates and maintains MIG, TIG and wire welders, and lathes, vertical/horizontal mills, drills, grinders, oxyacetylene torches, saws, planers, and presses.

2. Team coordination and consultation. Typical responsibilities: directs students in the preparation of testing materials; prepares and conducts training in welding and metal machining; fabricates and repairs research and instructional scientific hardware, equipment and instrumentation; acts as technical liaison between faculty, university and contractors.


Considerable knowledge of: mechanical systems; metal working techniques and practices.

Good knowledge of: hydraulic systems.

Some knowledge of: electrical systems.

Experience: using MIG and TIG techniques to weld aluminum and stick welding techniques to weld stainless steel and mild steel; reading and interpreting engineering drawings.

Physical ability to: bend, stoop and lift items weighing up to 50 pounds overhead.


Experience working in a nuclear facility.

Experience working under NQA-1 standards.

Experience working as a welder/pipe fitter and have 5+ year's experience.

Must be able to be cleared under export control laws.


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