The Specialty Horticulture Experts

Voeks Inc., employs a highly motivated staff of designers and tradesmen to help you with your specialty horticulture project. From design to build, we are experienced, professional, and have to ability to work wherever you are. Some of our clients are:



Heat Systems

Design & Installation Services:

  • Boilers & Heat Pumps

  • Slab Heating

  • Under Bench Fin

  • Micro-Climate Tubing

  • Copper, PVC and Welded Steel Systems


Water Treatment

Design & Installation Services:

  • Irrigation Pre-Treatment

  • Reverse Osmosis

  • Filtration

  • Ozone Injection

  • Farm Waste Water Treatment and Recycling


Nutrient Delivery

Design & Installation Services:

  • Irrigation

  • Nutrient Injection

  • PH Adjustment

  • Water Management Systems

  • Consulting Services

Photography courtesy of Frame 44.