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What is Greenhouse Micro-Spray Irrigation?

Micro-spray is a combination of drip irrigation and surface spray irrigation. So, of course, it has both the disadvantages and advantages of the two systems of irrigation.   Micro-spray generally operates with pressures between 15 and 30 psi. So, like drip irrigation, it is considered a type of low-pressure irrigation.  It is usually regarded as low volume with application rates of 5 to 70 (gph) gallons per hour or (18.9 Lph - 264 Lph).  

Micro-spray is well suited for spraying: 

  • ground covers

  • large flowerbeds

  • sandy soil

It typically creates a larger wetted area then drip irrigation. 


How is Micro-spray Delivered? 

Water is sent through microtubing and into a series of nozzles. These nozzles are attached securely to the risers. Depending upon your specific needs, risers can be designed to pop-up or be fixed in place. In either case, this type of irrigation has a significate advantage because it is easy to see that the nozzles are functioning. This gets rid of the common complaint of not being able to see if drip irrigation is working. 


Factors to Consider with Greenhouse Micro-Spray

As we talked about above, a greenhouse micro-spray system provides several of the same benefits as drip irrigation. Now we'll take a look at a few of the disadvantages. 

•    Because this type of irrigation puts out a higher volume of water than traditional drip irrigation, it may not be exempt from watering restrictions. 

•   Greenhouse micro-spray may not be the best for all climates. In windy conditions, there can be a disruption to the flow pattern of the water. And in extreme heat, there can be losses from evaporation. 

•    Overwatering can be a problem because of the higher flow rates. Add to that the problem runoff. But, in some climates or circumstances, this wouldn't be a concern. 

•    And you have to take into consideration weeds. When there are more wetted areas, more weeds grow. 


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