Greenhouse Sprinkler Irrigation

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Greenhouse Sprinkler Irrigation

Greenhouse Sprinkler systems, much like the ones you typically see on a football field or neighbor’s lawn, allow you to water a very large area at once. These systems give you more control over your crops because you can decide where to water and when to do it. Sprinklers can be used by themselves or in a circuit, depending on the size of the area you are looking to water.


Where Can I Use Greenhouse Sprinkler Irrigation? 

Greenhouse Sprinklers can be installed inside a greenhouse or high tunnel. But, they are also great for irrigating fields, gardens and commercial landscape. Sprinkler systems can be customized to water only a few crops with one sprinkler head. Or, systems can be created to water entire fields with a series of sprinklers.


Advantages of Greenhouse Sprinkler Irrigation

  • Sprinklers can water large areas all at once and save time.
  • Sprinklers give you independence from the topography of the area.
  • Sprinklers allow you to irrigate with no need for channels.
  •  Sprinkler heads have larger emitter orifices than other irrigating methods. This makes sprinkler irrigation less susceptible to head clogging compared to drip irrigation.
  • There are excellent possibilities of irrigating for other purposes such as sprouting, frost protection or cooling during hot periods.


Disadvantages of Greenhouse Sprinkler Irrigation

  • The primary disadvantage to sprinkler irrigation, in comparison to drip irrigation, is that it wastes water.
  • On average, 20% additional water is needed in order to guarantee the net dosage for the entire crop.
  • Greenhouse sprinkler irrigation can sometimes cause high operational expense, due to the energy needed for pumping. Successful sprinkler irrigation depends on high pressures and velocities of water.
  • Sensitivity to wind can cause evaporation losses.
  • There is the unavoidable wetting of foliage in field crops results in increased sensitivity to diseases.
  •  There are problems inherent in irrigating tall crops or fields through which equipment has to pass during the irrigation season (e.g. pastures).
  • Fertilizers and pesticides are often flushed out.


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